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Best Overall Native 1080p Projector With Bluetooth 2022

All projector displays are made up of millions of tiny pixels which determine the resolution. The native 1080p projector resolution means that the projector resolution has an actual number of 1920 x 1080 pixels, just like what Vankyo Leisure 40W offers.

Non-native 1080p is a false feature marketed by many on their projectors, which have fewer pixels and are designed to compress an original 1080p image and display it in a reduced form. Therefore, non-native 1080p projectors reduce the quality of the image, in a way you get cheated.

This article brings you information about one of the best overall native 1080p Projectors that is currently skyrocketing in the market and some of its great features.

Why Vankyo Leisure 450W Is The Best Overall?

Vankyo Leisure 450W is an authentic projector that has a true or native 1080p resolution unlike most other products in the market with their so-called true, basically, non-native 1080p.

1. Bright & Crisp Image Projection

Brightness is an important feature in most devices and a projector should be given good priority. Vankyo Leisure 450W is designed with maximum brightness that gives crisp images even in a bright room with lights without being fazed by the lights. The picture display quality is 125% brighter than its competitors, giving the best experience to the user.

2. Hi-Fi Stereo Speakers

Projectors are used to mostly address a group of people and proper sound quality is an important feature of a good projector. It comes with a built-in Hi-Fi Stereo Speakers supported with authorized Dolby sound, not to forget the cooling noise-cancellation system. Most other products lack this particular noise-cancellation feature which drops the overall audio quality, and it’s less clear.

3. Millions Of Colors

One of the most attractive features of Vankyo Leisure 450W is the millions of colors it is designed to display. It uses the RBG color scheme for its display which is what a good projector should have. RBG is an additive color model made up of primary colors red, blue, and green that can make 16,777,216 colors so that must make it clear how crystal clear and properly colorful the images will be with your Vankyo Leisure 450W.

4. Truly Native 1080p

It is important to know that most devices today are designed for a 1080p resolution or higher. While the non-native resolution of most other devices would hardly make a difference noticeable on a small screen but on a projector that is meant to display in a large space, the difference is considerable. Vankyo Leisure 450W has an FHD 1080p resolution that is designed for displaying the sharpest images that most devices input.

Disadvantages Of Models Other Than Vankyo

It is important to know why we vote for Vankyo Leisure 450W as the best overall native 1080p Projector with Bluetooth. For that, it is also important to know the current competitors of Vankyo and what they lack.

1. Other Makers May Falsely Advertise Their Products

It is very important to look at the features of the projector you’re buying but if they are misleading in the way they’re advertised then hardly anything can be done. Vankyo comes with properly authenticated products with no false advertisement. It is tested and has received brilliant positive feedback from many users.

2. Other Projectors Are Not Truly Native 1080p

As aforementioned the importance of resolution and how non-native 1080p resolution cheats you on the quality of the picture, it is important to also know that a non-native 1080p resolution is very much capable of displaying an original 1080p image, and it may not be understood by common people, but they would always notice a poorer picture quality, therefore being robbed of their money and trust.

3. Other Projectors Lack Hi-Fi Dolby Audio

It is very common to see most projectors advertising this feature on their products but very few of them actually have it. Vankyo comes with an authorized Dolby sound which is a precious feature, the audio is clearer which is lacking in most other brands. Its built-in cooling noise cancellation feature is also quite a rare feature displayed by its other competitors.


For the quietest portable 1080p projector, with a brilliant image and sound quality experience, Vankyo Leisure 450W is highly recommended. Not only does it have a sleek and minimalist design but its amazing features give it a 5 on 5 on every scale.

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