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Difference Between Shredders And Plastic Granulator Machine


There are different varieties of the plastic shredder and plastic granulator for sale in the market. However, having the knowledge about the differences between them can make you choose one over the other. Industries make use of different types of equipment for processing plastic material. For example, granulators, grinders, shredders, and much more. There is a differences between each of them and not all the products have similar functions.

Businesses that are new in the Industry may wonder to know about the main differences between all these different machines. This blog highlights the difference between a plastic shredder and a plastic granulator machine to help you determine the one that best suits your needs.

Main Difference Between Shredders And Plastic Granulator Machine

First of all, you need to know a few main facts that can help you differentiate between the two. This section is highlighting the facts about the plastic shredder machines and their operations.


  • A shredder can help you shred larger material to particular-size manageable units.
  • Plastic shredder machines have a lesser efficiency at throughputs. It is due to the fact that some units really struggle to work well in these scenarios. This case occurs due to the easy pushing forward of heavy loads to the bin rotor.
  • The rotors in a plastic shredder machine are manufactured from materials such as heavy-duty weldments and solid steel.
  • When the output of shredders is composed, there can be a large variation in the end result. For example, you can see variations in the sizes of your end product. Moreover, it produces a lot of dust.

Plastic Granulator Machine

Now you have to know factual information related to your plastic granulator machine.

  • A plastic granulator machine has the ability to reduce the size of material even less than those in the shredder as well as a grinder.
  • Plastic granulators have an open rotor design that allows you to process very lighter materials as compared to those in a shredder or grinder.
  • The open rotor structure of your plastic granulator machine allows the agitation as well as cooling of the final material due to the open space system.
  • Granulators are mostly used in conjunction with shredders since they have the ability to reduce as well as refine materials in a much better way.
  • When you are processing the material in a granulator, you have to make special choices when feeding the material to it. For example, you can feed it properly through a robot, conveyor, and by hand. It is to ensure that your plastic granulator doesn’t jam and keeps working perfectly. On the other hand, when working with a plastic shredder machine, you don’t need to check it again and again in terms of feeding the material. ¬†You just need to simply feed it and then process it.


Based on the differences listed above, you can make a decision to choose between a plastic shredder and a plastic granulator machine. Keep in mind that you can also make use of both products in conjunction with each other. Doing so will help you process the material in a much better way but it all depends upon your requirements.

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