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Features To Look for When Buying an Android Tv Boxes

Android TV boxes have revolutionized the entertainment world. They provide users with various options. You can watch movies, and series, shop, send an email, and much more. Android TV boxes are getting popular due to their convenience and broadness; this has also opened a potential investment market. Many tech giants like Apple and NVIDIA are investing in internet boxes (Android TV boxes are a subcategory of internet boxes).

As the market grows, the products become unlimited. Which smart tv has the best features to fulfil your needs? Or which one of them is best for a limited budget? Every buyer asks these common questions before purchasing an android tv box. Here you’ll find all the answers.


Anything that allows internet surfing needs some processing power; Android TV boxes are no exception. It would be best if you chose a processor that works without a lag. Buying more processor juice is essential if you prefer watching high-quality content without glitches and lags.

An Android TV box with a minimum 1.5 GHz Quad Processor is enough. However, Android TV boxes with octa-core processors provide better results.


The following essential component in Android TV boxes is the RAM. Higher RAMs are available in the market, but unfortunately, the Android TV boxes can only use a limited primary memory; the current compatibility is 4GB.

It will likely be a waste if you are thinking about customizing the primary memory as the devices are not simply compatible.

The Storage Space

Everybody likes to download their favorite seasons and movies and revisit them once in a while. Fortunately, Android TV boxes offer this facility. The standard storage capacity figure for most models is 8 or 16 GB. There are high-end models with more storage available, like 32 and 64GB. If you think you are more into downloading, go for a higher-storage model.

Many models also come with storage extendibility features. They include a TF port which allows you to connect external storage and extend the capacity (up to TBs as well).

The Wi-Fi

Every Android TV box is compatible with Wi-Fi. What is the issue with that? You need to read this part if you just asked that question. Wi-Fi also has some frequency standards. Most modems use 802.11a, so ensure that you buy an Android TV box with a minimum 802.11ac. Else you’ll have to develop patience for the buffering circle, which will show up every minute.


Accessories in Android TV boxes vary greatly. Look for Bluetooth compatibility, USB ports, and other accessories you need. If you have no idea which accessories to look for, ensure there is good Bluetooth and some additional USB ports. These are sufficient for file transfers from other devices like a phone or a laptop.


Some Android TV boxes come with “unnecessary accessories”. Can accessories be useless? Yes, they are if your TV is incompatible.

For instance, some Android TV boxes have 10-bit color. It is nothing but a color vibrancy; if your TV isn’t pairable with it, buying a model with 10-bit color is useless. Also, some have the facility of running two operating systems. Since most daily needs don’t require two operating systems buying a dual-boot model is not a “bright” option.

The Bottom Line

Android TV boxes have disrupted the entertainment world in a new direction. You can do everything you do on your phone, on a bigger screen. You can shop, stream, download, and do other similar activities.

However, there are millions of options out there, and every manufacturer finds some flashy terms for attracting buyers. Therefore, it is essential to pinpoint the necessary factors which contribute to the performance of an android tv box.

Choosing a good processor, RAM, and Wi-Fi is vital. If your budget allows, you can try looking for other accessories (more storage, extended connectivity, Google Assistant support, etc.). However, do avoid the unnecessary ones!

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