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Replacement Laptop Batteries; Things You Should Know

Getting a replacement battery for your laptop is something you cannot avoid. There are many third-party sources from where you can get laptop batteries. One of the first and vital things you must do before getting a replacement laptop battery (batería de portátil) is to visit the official website for your laptop brand. Doing this will help you get all the information you need about your laptop battery. Most of these websites also provide information on battery-related issues, like details on conducting the replacement. With this information, you can choose the correct type of replacement laptop battery for your machine. This post discusses everything you should know before getting a replacement laptop battery.

Types of laptop batteries

The different types of laptop batteries can be categorized based on the brand, capacity, and material from which they are manufactured. Below are some types of laptop batteries based on their material;

a. Nickel Cadium batteries

These are the oldest type of batteries. They are highly cost-efficient and have a high output. However, these batteries are heavy and do not stand a chance against the new models.

b. Nickel Metal Hydride

These batteries are often found on old laptop models, but they are more reliable and have a higher output than the former. They are also cheaper and safer. However, they are prone to the memory effect.

c. Lithium-ion batteries

These are the latest laptop battery model commonly applied in new laptops. They are light, not prone to memory effect, and are more effective. However, they are more expensive. This is a natural thing since they are more advantageous.

Understanding the information above will help you make the best choice.

How to replace your laptop battery

Changing your old laptop battery for the new one is quite an easy process. Below is a step by step guide for doing so;

  • Turn off your laptop
  • Access the old battery and carefully take it out (the technique you use for doing this will depend on the laptop model)
  • Put in the new battery depending on the technique you used to take out the old one on
  • Test the new laptop battery using the tools in your computer
  • Charge the battery and turn on your computer

Note that you may or may not need some tools, like screwdrivers, when replacing the battery. This also depends on the laptop model. For instance, for a model with in-built batteries, you will need special tools for the process. On the other hand, all you need is the new battery for models with removable or pop-out batteries.

How to pick the right replacement laptop battery

When choosing the right replacement laptop battery, you must consider the following elements;

  • The compatibility of the battery
  • The specifications by the manufacturer
  • The type of battery
  • The brand and battery capacity


Getting a new laptop battery and replacing the old one is an easy process requiring professional assistance. Kindly note that getting professional advice may come in handy, especially when it comes to choosing the right replacement battery.

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